Innovative approach to Subsea Training and Awareness

In a unique partnership between the Norwegian Oil and Gas association, operators, equipment 
suppliers and the Norwegian Centre of Expertise for Subsea (NCE Subsea), a Joint Industry Project 
was initiated to help the industry increase the competence of the professionals involved. The 
information portal will raise awareness of the Subsea business outside the oil industry, including in 
schools and universities.

The project team, with participation from Statoil, BP, Det Norske Oljeselskap, Aker Solutions, FMC 
Technologies and NCE Subsea (Bergen) are developing an innovative, web based training portal for 
subsea equipment and associated interactive learning materials.

The portal use up-to-date IT technology to present user friendly explanations of the concepts and 
components for Subsea field developments, including 3D illustrations, diagrams, photos, videos and 
self-assessments. It is based on the wiki concept, making it easy to add more content based on 
standard templates. 

"Our initiative is based on the manifested need for a joint training solution for this particular technical 
field" says co-founder and CEO in Subsea1, Stein Tore Johnsen.

"It is clear that we need to get better at explaining how Subsea production actually works – doing that 
will both help those that have links with subsea activities now and inspire young engineers to join the 
industry in the future" says David Llewelyn, OLF’s Subsea Network Coordinator.

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (NOGA) is a professional body and employer's association for oil and supplier companies engaged in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas on the 
Norwegian Continental Shelf. Further information can be obtained from

  • David Llewelyn (NOGA) : +47 97714286
  • Stein Tore Johnsen (Subsea1) : +47 97596115 /
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Subsea Facility Overview

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Xmas Tree System

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